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Congratulations on becoming ACCA qualified...

As a newly qualified ACCA, there are a number of options available to you. The choice you make will largely depend on your longer term careers plans and also what experience you've already gained.

Stay Put
If you are happy with your current employer and you feel they are considering your progression and have planning in place to help you succeed, then it is certainly worth exploring any internal opportunities which may exist.

Larger Company
If you have qualified from a small company, you could consider gaining some exposure within a larger company to broaden your skill base and future marketability. For example, you are more likely to gain experience in areas such as Financial Planning and Analysis as smaller companies tend not to have the resources to invest in more specialist areas.

Finance Manager
If you would like to develop an all-round skill base, then you may want to become a Finance Manager. However, if you have no man-management experience, this can sometimes be a key stumbling block so you may want to consider a Finance Manager role within a smaller company or for a business unit / profit centre within a larger company. Gaining some 'practical' financial accounting experience will also stand you in a much stronger position if in the future you aspire to be a Financial Controller or Financial Director.

You could consider areas outside of mainstream accounting, eg. Sales & Marketing Accounting or work for a business area as part of a non-finance team, eg. working as an Analyst supporting a Sales & Marketing team and reporting into an Operational Manager.

Revisit Any Gaps
Now may be a good time for you to fill in any gaps on your CV, particularly if you want to manage a team in the future - you need to have experienced all of the basics. Or you could consider gaining some experience in Internal Audit especially with the current keen focus on corporate governance and compliance - it isn't strictly the preserve of the ACA.

Whatever decision you make, never move just for the money!